Telephone Answering and Diary Management Services for Osteopathy Practices

A dedicated off-site telephone receptionist takes your calls while you treat your patients.

Your job is to give people a better quality of life by relieving physical stress and strain. But you’re so busy juggling patients and administrative tasks, you’re in danger of needing your own treatment. But there is a solution. Call MyRuby and ease your pain.

We handle your calls so you can focus on your patients.

We know that running an osteopathy practice is extremely demanding. With so many patients to see, each of whom relies on you to bring them pain relief, you have to be available to treat as many people as possible. But the unanswered phone is not just an interruption. It’s potentially lost business.

A MyRuby receptionist can take calls, handle appointments and make calls on your behalf. She’s highly experienced in clinical environments and understands your business, ensuring each patient receives the best possible service. She can screen sales calls and manage your diary, helping you fit in new patients where you wouldn’t otherwise have time.

We’ll adapt to your needs and those of your clients

A MyRuby receptionist offers you more time in between clients to handle other important business. She’s proficient in online diary software, so whatever system you favour, “Ruby” can handle. She’ll set you up on an online system if you don’t already use one, so she can arrange appointments in your diary any time, even when you’re seeing patients. Ruby can patch calls through or take messages in whatever way you like. She can advise new clients of prices or payment options, and even give directions to your clinic. And, if you like, she can ensure all your patients receive reminders so they don’t miss their appointments.

You may prefer to use MyRuby’s services full time or part time, or just during the times when you need the most help. Like a traditional receptionist, Ruby proudly represents your clinic and gives it a professional, helpful and friendly voice.


Jonathan Shaw, Osteopath

“When I am not treating clients, I have several calls and messages to return, and appointments to book into the diary. In some cases, by the time I have managed to call a new client back, they have already found an alternative osteopath to visit.”

“The most essential thing is that my calls are always answered, and I never have to worry about my clients waiting for me to call them back.”

The MyRuby service is pain free

The true beauty of a MyRuby outsourced receptionist service is the flexibility we give you. We can provide all of the functions of an in-house receptionist, but for a fraction of the overhead. And, of course, none of the baggage that comes with finding, hiring and managing an employee.

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What our clients say


What our clients say



Jonathan Newson

Octopus Cabling

Excellent service-icon

Jemma Woods


I couldn't run a professional clinic without the MyRuby team.-icon

Amanda Grant

Foot Clinic Moseley

A great service!-icon

Harry Kauntze

Bristol Back Pain Clinic


Andreas Hallin

Cedar Tree Clinic

Having used My Ruby for well over ten years, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone and I often do.

My business operates a silent office which allows us to concentrate on our customers needs and projects without the continuous interruptions from incoming sales calls, additionally, we know longer struggle to staff holidays and lunchtimes and we know that our customers will always receive a professional and friendly welcome when contacting our business.

They are a great team and offer a great service.

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