Get the telephone answering service that is trusted by businesses across the UK to answer their calls with great accuracy and professionalism. We’ll portray your brand, at its best, with our personalised service – on every call.

The cost of our service increases the more ‘high’ touch our service becomes or the more calls and activities we carry out on your behalf. Discover the difference a Ruby can make to your business. Get Started today with our Free Trial.

Short Term

£8.50 / day (min 3 days per month)

For clients with short term requirements to cover holidays or staff absences

  • £40 Set-up (first use only)
  • £2.40* each Chargeable Call
  • Personally assigned Ruby
  • All calls received chargeable
  • Monthly Billing
  • Email notification of messages
  • Number retained for future use
  • Call handling updates

Ruby Lite

£95 / month

For new businesses with low call volumes up to 20 per month.

  • FREE Set-up
  • Plus £2.25* for chargeable calls
  • Personally assigned Ruby
  • No charge for Sales calls
  • In Arrears Billing
  • Call Screening
  • Call Patching
  • Email notifications of messages
  • Unlimited instruction updates
  • Bespoke recording of Out of Hours Greeting

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Ruby 25

£137 / month (inc 25 calls)

For small businesses with chargeable call volumes between 25-70 per month.

  • FREE Set-up
  • Plus £2.25* for each call OVER 25
  • Get All Ruby Lite Features PLUS
  • VIP Caller Set Up and Management
  • Ignore List Set Up and Management
  • Staff Movement Management
  • Multiple Contacts for Message Notification
  • SMS Message Notification
  • Bespoke recording of Out of Hours Greeting

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Ruby 75

£220 / month (inc 75 calls)

For small businesses with chargeable call volumes between 70-199 per month.

  • FREE Set-up
  • Plus £2.25* for each call OVER 75
  • Get All Ruby 25 features PLUS
  • Bespoke Data Forms
  • End of day message summaries
  • Re-routing of Out of Hours Calls
  • Access Standard Payment Systems* (PCI compliant)
  • Access Standard Diary Systems*

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Ruby 200+

£435 / month (inc 200 calls)

For small businesses with chargeable call volumes over 200 per month.

  • £25 Set-up (first use only)
  • Plus £2.25* for each call OVER 200
  • Get all Ruby 75 features PLUS
  • Bespoke Reporting
  • Set Up of Email Alias
  • Inbound Email Received via Email Alias and Processed
  • Outbound Email sent, based on templates
  • Set Up and Management of WebChat Service (POA)
  • PA Services (POA)

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Frequently Asked Questions about our pricing

What is a chargeable call?

A call that results in an action of some sort – usually a message to you. We don’t charge for sales calls as long as they don’t make up more than 25% of the total number of calls you receive.

Is there a set- up fee?


Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

No. All we ask when using our service for the 10 day Free Trial is to verify your identity by giving us your company details, or your home address, if you will be using the service in a personal capacity. At the end of the trial, or whenever you decide to sign up to the MyRuby service, we will ask you to complete a direct debit mandate, so payment can be made automatically each month.

How long are your contracts?

We have a rolling 1 month contract.

Can I change my plan?

You are billed in arrears for your actual usage. You therefore do not need to worry about changing your plan as  our billing system will automatically use the lowest cost plan for you, whatever volume of calls you have in any given month. Also, as your business gets busier, the MyRuby service becomes even more cost-effective.

What if my call volumes are lower that the inclusive calls in my plan?

Your billing will automatically rise and fall with your call volumes. So, if you have a quieter month, your bill will fall accordingly.

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