A Telephone Reception Service for Offices

MyRuby gives your business the perfect telephone receptionist. Based in our office and supported by some great technology, Ruby will answer and manage your callers just as if she was based in your office .

What is a Telephone Answering Service?

Simply put, instead of employing a dedicated receptionist to take your calls you share one of our receptionist team.

“I’d like my business to have that ‘Big Company’ feel”

We start by allocating you one of our receptionists – a Ruby. She will be the person taking the majority of your businesses phone calls and maintaining contact with you day to day via phone and email. We then help you set-up your phones to re-direct your calls to us when you either can’t, or don’t want to take your own calls. We answer in your company name and, based on your instructions, either take a message (which is immediately sent via sms or email) or patch the caller through to you, whether you’re on a landline or mobile. The caller won’t know they are being diverted and will hear the normal ringing tone. When the call comes into us we use some clever technology to find your Ruby receptionist, and ‘pop’ her screen with your company information. This means she knows the call is for you and is ready to answer it with all of your company information on screen. By providing a friendly and professional answering service to our clients, our Team of Ruby Receptionists will ensure you never have to miss an important call again.

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What our clients say


What our clients say



Jonathan Newson

Octopus Cabling

Excellent service-icon

Jemma Woods


I couldn't run a professional clinic without the MyRuby team.-icon

Amanda Grant

Foot Clinic Moseley

A great service!-icon

Harry Kauntze

Bristol Back Pain Clinic


Andreas Hallin

Cedar Tree Clinic

Having used My Ruby for well over ten years, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone and I often do.

My business operates a silent office which allows us to concentrate on our customers needs and projects without the continuous interruptions from incoming sales calls, additionally, we know longer struggle to staff holidays and lunchtimes and we know that our customers will always receive a professional and friendly welcome when contacting our business.

They are a great team and offer a great service.

Who we work with

Take a look at our clients

We provide our service across multiple industries and sectors. These are a few who have found a smarter, more efficient way of running their business by having their own dedicated Ruby Receptionist.

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