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MyRuby Ltd is committed to endorsing sustainability throughout the workplace

We aim to adhere to our policy and demonstrate good practice not only within the business but to our clients and local community. We are fortunate that with our line of work, we don’t produce much waste or use a vast amount of material. This drives us to try harder to protect the environment from the resources we do use, wherever possible.

Through our sustainability policy we aim to:

  • Improve business image through being more environmentally friendly
  • Increase employee motivation and retention
  • Demonstrate competitive advantage
  • Continue to protect the environment and support our local community

 Our sustainability policy relies on the following values:

  • Recycling office supplies and waste where possible
  • Purchasing fair trade and organic products for consumption in the office
  • Encouraging staff to walk to and from work and car share when possible
  • Involvement in a number of fundraising activities for our local community
  • Minimise the use of paper in office by re-using scrap paper and encouraging staff and clients not to print emails and documents unless required
  • Purchase office paper and supplies made from sustainable and recycled recourses
  • Reducing the use of paper in our fulfilment by cutting down on supporting documentation
  • Avoid travelling to meetings where possible by using available technology such as conference calling
  • Keeping energy usage low by making sure all lights and computers are switched off at the end of each day
  •  Staff notice board where all documents can be visible to the office rather than printing individually

We aim to further implement:

  • The use of energy efficient lighting where possible
  • Using external agencies for further training on sustainability and environmental issues
  • Including our sustainability policy with any proposals to future clients
  • Purchase fully recycled stationary where possible
  • Work towards a carbon neutral status

As a company we aim to review our sustainability policy every year in order to further reduce the harmful impact we have on the environment.

 How can we manage our energy use in the office?

  • Shut down your PC and switch off your monitor at the end of the working day.
  • Turn off your monitor when going to lunch or leaving the office for an extended amount of time.
  •  Switch off all lights in the office before leaving for the day.
  • Make sure all desk fans are switched off before leaving the office. Only use them when required.
  • Make the most of daylight. Open blinds and windows the let the office breathe, without having to use energy.

 How can we reduce the amount of paper we use?

  • Think before you print. Make sure only necessary documents are printed.
  •  Avoid printing in colour where possible.
  • Try and photocopy documents double-sided where possible.
  • Use the notice board to pin up communal news or documents rather then each staff member printing them.
  • Use any unwanted documents as scrap paper.

How can we make the most of recycling?

  • Use the recycling bins in the kitchen to recycle any paper, plastic and aluminium cans that have accumulated at your desk.
  •  Ensure the shredding gets emptied into the paper recycle bin.
  • Ensure the team are kept up to date with any changes within office regarding recycling.
  • Get the team involved in coming up with new ways to recycle as well as identifying new office materials.


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