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With the MyRuby service your clinic will be able to manage its incoming calls effortlessly. Using standard telephone programming (available on all telecom networks) your site can divert your calls to a dedicated Ruby receptionist, automatically whenever you need support.


Appointment Booking and telephone switchboard support for clinics

MyRuby provides telephone support for to clinics providing private and NHS healthcare delivery.

The ability to have external support to answer our calls as and when we need it has been a major benefit. The staff are well trained in our booking system so for our patients the experience is seamless.

Making it easier to talk to patients

MyRuby provides services designed to improve communications between doctors and patients. By seamlessly blending trained receptionists with automated telephone technology we help clinics take more of there calls, more of the time, at a very efficient cost.

MyRuby Medical can reinforce your in-house reception team with Overflow, Out-Of-Hours, and Frontline support. Your Patients enjoy faster booking times and less waiting overall using their traditional phone channel. Plus, there are Live Receptionists to talk to, something particularly valued by Older Patients.

Your clinic Staff get relief during peak times and reduced workplace stress and the clinic benefits from increased bookings, reduced DNA’s and a better patient journey.

Our receptionists are trained to work in all major software systems, including;

  • Practice Pal
  • PPS
  • Clinic Office Diary
  • Cliniko
  • My Office
  • Quinec
  • Booking Bug

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Telephone Diary Management for Clinics

MyRuby provides telephone answering and diary management services to clinics providing primary and secondary healthcare delivery.

Implementing the MyRuby service was much easier than we expected and the response from internal staff as well as patients has been very positive. “

Understanding patient care

A key element of providing patient care is giving patients simple, easy access to your practice. Most patients still prefer to phone in and discuss available appointment times and any other aspects of patient treatment. The MyRuby service for clinics is designed to ensure your clinicians are fully occupied, DNA’s are kept to a minimum and the patient journey is as simple and efficient as possible. Our receptionists are trained to work in all major software systems, including; Practice Pal, PPS, Clinic Office Diary, Cliniko, My Office, Quinec, Booking Bug


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    Customer Success

    “Not only is my Ruby able to answer calls from new and existing patients, she can also screen the unnecessary ones, such as sales calls which could potentially take up a lot of my time.”

    “Ruby acts so much like an extension of my business that clients expect to see her when they come in for their appointment”

    “If I do need to get in touch with a client, but I am unable to call them immediately, I can send a quick email to Ruby and she will contact them on my behalf.”

    ~Ipswich Osteopathy

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