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In 1997, our client, an experienced HR practitioner with wide operational and strategic experience in retail, manufacturing and service industries, established a consultancy to cater for retained and ad hoc outsourced and remote services for SME clients. The business is a privately owned HR consultancy based in the West Midlands, with a deep knowledge of the local business community as well as broader experience in the national arena.

The consultancy can benefit clients simply looking for support in day-to-day HR issues and administration, or can act as a partner to provide solutions in key areas such as assessment centres, job profiling and psychometric testing; From generalist to strategic support…from operational administration to organisational change management, the business offers the full spectrum of HR expertise.

With an impressive team of seven consultants working full and part time in the Wolverhampton based office, our client is supported by staff members qualified in their respective field of expertise and have extensive experience across a variety of industries. Until recently, the company employed a full time office manager who was also mainly responsible for answering incoming calls, however when she left, no-one in the business was keen to resume the role full time.

“We wouldn’t change the way the business runs now and intend to keep MyRuby as a very valuable and cost effective member of our team.”

The client explains; “As the part timers increased their hours, their workload subsequently became heavier which lessened their time available for responding to calls. Exactly at this time, as a complete coincidence, I received an information leaflet in the post from MyRuby which detailed their professional call handling and virtual PA services. On paper, their offering sounded exactly like the solution I was searching for and I took them up on the free week trial.”

“I and my team found the MyRuby trial experience invaluable and had no doubts about signing up full time; the discreet service employed by MyRuby is exemplary.We wouldn’t change the way the business runs now and intend to keep our Ruby as a very valuable and cost effective extension of our team”

“We have chosen not to reveal the fact that our Ruby is not based in the office with us, as all callers respond to her as a natural team member. The level of service received by our clients and other callers has not changed in any way since the previous office manager departed; in fact, the transition to MyRuby’s call handling went completely unnoticed!”

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Client Overview

  • Seven consultants working from Wolverhampton based office
  • Clients calling with new briefs
  • Candidates calling for feedback
  • Need to prioritise client calls over candidate calls

"I and my team found the Free Trial with MyRuby invaluable and had no doubts about signing up full time”

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