Pro Auction has a long history of helping both corporate and private clients source and sell valuables across the UK and internationally.

Trust underpins their entire operation and their clients stay with them because they know they keep their best interests front and centre. Mark explains how MyRuby play a part in that.


“We have been using My Ruby since 2012 and the task undertaken is amazing. We have 24/7 365 day coverage and they deal with our clients with politeness and expertise. It is comforting to know that our calls are being answered straight away and a call to action is generated in each and every instance, offering a professional Virtual Receptionist Service with a UK-based live team answering our calls. The friendly and experienced team should be proud of their excellent customer service and competitive pricing structure offered.
I am not concerned internally with the front of house function, at busy sale periods MyRuby easily manages hundreds of calls which are screened appropriately and then patched through to the correct department.
Callers are screened to identify whether they are an existing client, new prospect or other type of enquiry and the team are brilliant at directing nearly 80% of the calls to our auction sale particulars. Additionally bespoke forms on screen ensure that, for each category of call, all of the correct questions can be consistently responded to. This is then instantly delivered by email to the correct contact in the office, the net result is excellent service for customers and increased productivity for our team and this is backed up with a complete audit trail available to us, which is invaluable to us in our industry.
Trusting them with our customers and asking them to represent our business, the team talk in detail to each and every customer about our products and services and have never let us down. My clients are forever telling me how lovely the girls in the office are when they phone. The office lines and are programmed to divert to MyRuby if the lines are engaged or colleagues have indicated they are unavailable, additionally we divert our mobile calls when out of the office or in meetings.”

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