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Established in Highgate since 2008 and with a clinic in Harley Street since 2012, Stephen Sacks has ensured a high standard of care in the field of Osteopathic Medicine. Joined with an established team of osteopaths and healthcare professionals, Pond Square Health clinic is a unique, boutique clinic dedicated to patients’ health and well-being.  Stephen explains how a partnership with MyRuby has benefitted him and his practice.


“I have used MyRuby for the better part of 8 years. On commencing, I soon stopped seeing them as a helpful service but rather as an essential part of my practice and an important partnership that became integral to my clinics.
I run two busy practices and don’t have the time (nor inclination!) to make and take calls. At the same time, the initial patient contact over the phone is of paramount importance and a confident and helpful voice on the other end will ensure a patient booking and inform the patient of information.
My patients often remark to me how lovely and helpful ‘my PA’ is and how they put them at ease and feel that they have a relationship with them! This is an important first step in communication.
I know when my patient shows up, they are at least comfortable with the administration process and understand what is due to follow. This takes a fair amount of strain off of me and my associates and will allow us to proceed with what we are good at.
When there is follow up, MyRuby is always happy to step in and make calls for me and help with patient issues.
I have always found them helpful and happy to assist me and my patients. Suffice it to say, I don’t think I could run my practice without them and am always delighted to recommend them.”

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