Standard Service Number

No monthly fee

e.g. 0844

  • This option is included as part of our standard service.
  • There is no additional monthly fee for this option and we do not charge a set-up fee.

Geographical Number

£22 / month

e.g. 0203, 0161, 01904

  • Be ‘local’ from anywhere
  • One-off £30 set up fee
  • £22 / month number rental*

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Non Geographical Number

£22 / month

e.g. 0333, 0845, 0800**

  • Give your business a national presence
  • One off £30 set up fee
  • £22 a month number rental*

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Line Rental

£28 / month

  • If you require a special telephone number prior to starting your live telephone reception service, there is an additional monthly account management and number reservation fee.
  • £28 a month
  • This will be replaced with whatever tariff you move onto once you start using our live service.

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* prices may vary depending on how desirable the telephone number is.

** please note there are additional per-minute fees for calls to 0800 numbers.

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