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What makes a receptionist great? What are the skills they need to run your operation seamlessly? What tools can they use that also help your whole office run more efficiently? And how can your business benefit from a great receptionist without the associated costs?

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Fortunately, MyRuby’s in the perfect position to answer those questions and many, many more. Our receptionists are highly qualified and experienced in a wide variety of operations. And every day, they apply their skills and best practices in their work for organisations across the UK.

In this blog, we’ll use this knowledge to provide helpful hints and practical information to help you improve your working environment, whether it’s an office, a medical clinic or a  large switchboard environment.  We’ll delve into our smorgasbord of tips and insight, which you won’t find anywhere else, and serve it up right here in the MyRuby blog.

What happens in your office when you can’t answer the phone? Are important calls left unanswered? Or do you try and return calls and then struggle to fit in all of your appointments? Perhaps you just switch on the answerphone and then spend hours each evening trying to synchronise diaries, return calls and reschedule missed bookings. A great receptionist could help you solve all these problems, if you had one…

The Receptionist – An invaluable member of your team

If you want to know something about business that you don’t already know, ask a receptionist. And that’s what we’ve done. Because MyRuby receptionists represent hundreds of successful businesses, so we know it’s worth listening to what they have to say.

Receptionists don’t just answer phones – they can be crucial for the smooth running of your entire operation. They provide extra services to clients that you or other members of your team have little time to provide. They get to know you and your quirky habits, working practices and frantic schedules, and can adjust their administrative processes to fit in with other members of your team.

Receptionists have an uncanny knack of being able to solve problems without you having to get involved. They know your business and have the ability to make informed judgements or offer solutions that you hadn’t thought of. They work tirelessly to make your job easier, smoother and less stressful. They keep your clients happy, maintain your bookings, and keep the money flowing in.

But good receptionists can be hard to find.  And It’s not easy for small businesses to recruit, train and manage receptionists cost effectively.

If you are looking for practical tips and best practice to help you improve how you run your front of office, follow this blog. 

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