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    How it works

    It’s easy for you to set-up and use our call answering service

    Ruby is dedicated to your business and answers your calls, just as if she was sitting in your office. It’s easy for you to set-up and use our call answering service, see in a few simple steps below how we deliver the service.


    Call us

    Contact us with your enquiry and one of our friendly team will discuss all of your business needs.


    Set up your account

    We set you up an account on our Client Management Information System.


    Divert your calls

    We provide you with a unique number that diverts your calls to us, as and when you wish.


    The Perfect Receptionist

    Your personal Ruby is ready with the required knowledge to be a valuable asset to you and your company.

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      Call us

      Contact us with your enquiry and one of our friendly team will discuss all of your business needs.

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      Set up your account

      We set you up an account on our Client Management Information System.

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      Divert your calls

      We provide you with a unique number that diverts your calls to us, as and when you wish.

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      The Perfect Receptionist

      Your personal Ruby is ready with the required knowledge to be a valuable asset to you and your company.

    Who we work with

    Take a look at our clients

    We provide our service across multiple industries and sectors. These are a few who have found a smarter, more efficient way of running their business by having their own dedicated Ruby Receptionist.

    Standard Service Number

    No monthly fee

    e.g. 0844

    • This option is included as part of our standard service.
    • There is no additional monthly fee for this option and we do not charge a set-up fee.

    Geographical Number

    £22 / month

    e.g. 0203, 0161, 01904

    • Be ‘local’ from anywhere
    • One-off £30 set up fee
    • £22 / month number rental*

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    Non Geographical Number

    £22 / month

    e.g. 0333, 0845, 0800**

    • Give your business a national presence
    • One off £30 set up fee
    • £22 a month number rental*

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    Line Rental

    £28 / month

    • If you require a special telephone number prior to starting your live telephone reception service, there is an additional monthly account management and number reservation fee.
    • £28 a month
    • This will be replaced with whatever tariff you move onto once you start using our live service.

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    Bristol Back Pain Clinic

    We use MyRuby for our chiropractic clinic, The Bristol Back Pain Clinic, any time we are away and need phone and diary cover, and they always handle things brilliantly.They take new bookings and move existing ones if necessary and we receive email logs of all calls which means we can keep an eye on what’s going on and follow up as necessary.


    Cedar Tree Clinic

    I have used My Ruby for many years now, initially as a backup for reception, and for the last several years as a full time reception service, which has enabled me to run the clinic without on-site staff.I have nothing but praise for their professionalism and general attitude, they are a pleasure to deal with and my patients are equally happy.


    Chiro Relief

    I have been using their services for around 10 years which I thinks says a lot.They are a valued part of my business just as anyone would value their very best in-house receptionist.I would, and do recommend them to similar small businesses to myself as the reception team, or as cover for their in-house receptionist.


    Foot Clinic Moseley

    Always efficient, polite and knowledgeable, my clients don’t even realise that they are not in the building!I have compliments from my clients about the reception every week.My business is so much better with them, I can get on with being a clinician and running the business, knowing my calls are answered expertly, and the diary managed. Excellent and highly recommend


    Octopus Cabling

    Having used My Ruby for well over ten years, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone and I often do.My business operates a silent office which allows us to concentrate on our customers needs and projects without the continuous interruptions from incoming sales calls, additionally, we know longer struggle to staff holidays and lunchtimes and we know that our customers will always receive a professional and friendly welcome when contacting our business.They are a great team and offer a great service.



    Professional, accurate, efficient and an asset to our business.As an added bonus the MyRuby team always sound cheerful and I really appreciate their ‘happy to help’ attitude. They are a pleasure to work with.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Can I try the service for FREE before I sign up?

    Please do! To get the Free 1 week no-obligation Trial, call us now on 0800 988 0977 or click the Free Trial Button

    How long does it take to get started?

    In most cases, your account will be up and running 24 hours after registration.

    Where is MyRuby based?

    MyRuby offers a UK wide service from its office in Colchester, which is only an hour from London. All of our Rubys are office based and work from our HQ in Colchester.

    Do you charge me for sales calls?

    No. We understand that you only want to pay for calls that have value to you and your business, so we will deal with unwanted sales calls at no cost to you. What constitutes a sales call is decided by our Rubys as we believe this is far more accurate than some other providers who claim not to charge for sales calls on the basis they do not bill you for any call lasting less than 10 seconds.

    How easy is it to change my billing plan?

    As you are billed in arrears our system automatically selects the most cost effective plan for your call volumes that month – you never have to guess which plan to be on. During your Free One Week trial we will assess your requirements and give you an indication of what your likely on-going charges will be.

    How does the billing work?

    All of our clients pay by Direct Debit. We ask you to pay a one month deposit in advance and then you receive an e-bill at the end of each month which is taken by Direct Debit 14 days later.

    How much do your clients pay a month?

    It depends on how much they use the service. The Free 1 Week Trial gives us a good indication of your usage but you will be billed based on how much you use the service in any given month. The service starts from £79 plus vat per month plus a fixed cost of £1.85 plus vat per chargeable call. For more detailed pricing information, call us on 0800 988 0977, or go to Pricing.

    Do you charge a setup fee?

    You can have a Free One Week Trial of the service to make sure it works for you with no setup fee. Once you sign up, depending on your tariff there may be setup fee included. We then have a rolling one month’s contract with a calendar month’s notice.

    What else can Ruby do for me?

    Almost anything that a good PA does on the telephone. Many of our clients ask their Ruby to help with things like confirming appointments, obtaining quotes or finding directions when they’re late for meetings.

    Do you store my messages?

    All of your calls and messages for the past three months are kept as a log and your Ruby can also provide any of this information when you call.

    How soon will I know that you have answered a call for me?

    Immediately. You may have asked for the caller to be ‘patched’ through to you, in which case your Ruby will call the designated number and announce the caller just like an in-house reception would. If you have asked for messages to be taken you will be notified with the caller’s name, contact number, and a brief message as soon as your Ruby has completed the call.

    How do I get my messages?

    You can choose to receive your messages via email or SMS. Messages can be received immediately after the call is completed. There are also other options, such as an end of day log and weekly or monthly message summary reports.

    How do I divert my existing number to MyRuby?

    Using simple line programming provided by BT (or other provider) your number diverts calls to us based on your instructions. You may choose to divert all your calls or just those that would otherwise receive an engaged tone or be unanswered (after, say three rings). Whether you have a switchboard, work from home or want to divert mobile calls, we can provide you with all of the information you will need.

    What happens outside of normal office hours?

    At all other times your calls are taken by our voicemail system where your callers are greeted with a personalised message recorded for your company. You can also choose how we manage your voicemails – they can be checked by your receptionist each morning and sent to you or you can receive a .WAV file of your message as an email attachment. We can also arrange for out of hours or call out phone cover – please get in touch for more information regarding out of hours cover.

    What level of service do you offer?

    MyRuby operates during normal office hours (8:30am to 6:00pm), Monday to Friday

    What happens if MyRuby receptionist is already on a call?

    If your receptionist is unavailable for a particular call, it will be presented to one of her team, who will have all of your information displayed on her screen. Once you start using MyRuby, your callers will never again hear an engaged tone or have their call unanswered.

    How will MyRuby get to know me and my business?

    When you sign up to the MyRuby service, your dedicated Ruby will enter all of your key details into our Client Management Information System (CMIS). This includes a checklist of information about your company, employees and customers and most importantly, how you want your calls and messages handled. CMIS is a very powerful tool and we can store lots of your company data including details about your products and services. This means your Ruby will have the required knowledge to be a valuable asset to you and your company.

    How does MyRuby work?

    We give you a unique number that diverts your calls to us as and when you wish. Your calls will be answered in your company name, in the style you request. Your dedicated receptionist or Ruby as we like to call them will know that the call is yours as your details will appear instantly on her screen. Also on screen will be lots of information about your company. It’s this information, along with her exceptional customer service skills, that allows Ruby to work so efficiently and become an integral part of your team.

    Why should I sign up for the MyRuby service?

    Because you would like the facility of a telephone receptionist for your business, without the costs or management of employing someone directly