My Ruby

A Telephone Reception Service for Estate Agents

We provide a telephone answering and receptionist service to Estate Agents and property companies.

We have experience working with agents in both commercial and residential sales and letting. New callers can be screened to ensure they are directed to the most appropriate team, whether that’s residential, commercial, sales or lettings.

We understand that you are often required to meet prospective buyers, tenants or lessee’s on-site which means staffing levels in the office can change quite significantly. Maintaining cover for the phones at these times, or when staff are engaged on other calls, can be challenging which is where MyRuby come in.

Meet your Ruby receptionist

We start by allocating you one of our receptionists – a Ruby. She will be the person taking the majority of your calls and maintaining contact with you day to day via phone and email. You then re-direct your calls to us when you either can’t, or don’t want to take your own calls.

We answer your calls in your company name and, based on your brief, we’ll either take a message (which is immediately dispatched via sms or email) or patch the caller through to you, to a landline or mobile.

You are in control of diverting calls

Calls can be diverted when your own lines are engaged or calls go unanswered for more than three rings. They are seamlessly diverted to us in a fraction of a second and the caller is unaware the call is being diverted.

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We don’t have to worry about branches manning the phones any more, it just takes care of itself…”

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    “Answering more calls means more buyers, more sellers and mor landlords , which is exactly what we want. Callers are screened to identify whether they are an existing client, new prospect, sales or lettings or other type of enquiry.”

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