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A Telephone Reception Service for IT Companies

We provide a telephone receptionist and answering service to IT Companies as well as individual IT Consultants.

Our IT clients often have support staff who are in meetings or working on support cases and need to work without the interruption that the phone can bring.

Our brief is to asses the urgency of the case and to prioritise and screen each call. Where we can help the caller – such as directing them to support reference sources – we do. Otherwise we take a message and send it through automatically to the most suitable support contact in your business.

We can also manage online case management systems so a customer can log their call. We can even patch a customer through directly if you want us to, just like a normal receptionist would.

With the flexibility of the MyRuby outsourced receptionist service, we really can provide all of the functions of an in-house receptionist for a fraction of the overhead. Calls can be diverted when your own lines are engaged or calls go unanswered for more than three rings.

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Using MyRuby meant we can efficiently categorise each kind of call that comes in so support calls don’t just get put together with new business opportunities…”

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    “Our Ruby receptionist handles calls for all our phone lines. We were really pleased with the speed and ease with which they picked up the essence of our business and the professional service “ Venture Computing Solutions

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