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A Telephone Receptionist for Financial Services Companies

A dedicated telephone receptionist for Financial Services company

We provide a telephone receptionist to companies operating in the financial sector. These include IFA’s working from home to larger office based brokers and insurance companies.

”It’s vital our receptionist understands the types of call IFA’s receive and the relative importance of each.”

A great first impression for that all new business call

Our financial services customers are often in client meetings providing advice on mortgages, pensions and investments. As they are frequently carrying out client reviews, they need to keep mobiles switched off and there Ruby receptionist picks up their calls. Their calls are automatically diverted to us when they aren’t available. We are often managing their schedule and setting diary appointments. We handle enquiries, such as a new caller asking for the firms FSA registration, or questions from providers. They may not need any action from you at all just a simple message from us to confirm the action that has been carried out.

Insurance companies and brokers

Insurance companies need callers to be screened correctly to ensure that the caller is directed to the right underwriter. Depending on the company they may have specialists for commercial and residential property, motor, fleet, personal injury, health, public liability, etc. In addition sales calls can be very persistent and time consuming which tie up staff and reduce productivity so call screening is important.

Your receptionist will be the person taking the majority of your calls and maintaining contact with you day to day via phone and email. You then re-direct your calls to us when you either can’t, or don’t want to take your own calls. We answer in your company name and, based on your brief, either take a message (which is immediately dispatched via sms or email) or patch the caller through to you, whether you’re on a landline or mobile.

For financial compliance purposes all calls can be recorded.

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