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A Telephone Receptionist for Automotive Dealerships

Support for your in house dealer reception

If you’re a busy dealership looking to deliver a first class brand experience to your customers but worried about calls being missed or long hold times why not consider a Ruby Receptionist instead?

”Someone whose spending £25k on a new car expects great customer service from the dealer network”

An excellent customer experience is the one thing you must deliver   

There are times in every dealership where the phones are just too busy for the in-house people to cope. Whether that’s the two times in the year when new registrations peak, or when your own staff go on holiday leaving the team a little light. Either way, to ensure you deliver a consistent brand experience to your customers which keeps them coming back for their next car, and the one after that, you need the support of a Ruby Receptionist.

A Ruby receptionist will be taking your dealerships calls, but be based in our office ensuring your dealership presents a first class professional image to your customers.

Great technology under the bonnet

Our system ‘pops’ your dealer information (departments, contacts, directions to your office, instructions for deliveries, accounts) straight onto your Ruby receptionists screen giving easy access to all of the information she needs to support your dealership and provide a first class caller experience.

This might be as simple as screening callers and patching them through to the right department – all with the click of a mouse. Whether it’s a Test drive enquiry to be put through to the sales team or a replacement key required from parts – all simply and expertly managed, quickly and efficiently.

And where your teams aren’t there detailed, consistent messages are taken ensuring we capture of all of the relevant details to respond when your team is available.

Test Drive a Ruby Receptionist

Sometimes the best way to see if something is right for you is to take a test drive. You can try the MyRuby Dealer reception service, free and with no obligation. And the true beauty of a Ruby receptionist is you get all of the functions of an in-house receptionist. But for a fraction of the overhead. And, of course, none of the hassle that comes with recruiting and managing an employee.

So whether you’re a multi-franchise main dealer or a new or used specialist take a test drive of our telephone receptionist service now.

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    “My Ruby receptionist is an asset to my business, she is very bright and astute. She seems to have connected with my client base and I have Clients saying ‘where’s Ruby?’ “ H. Williams, Lighter Life,London

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