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A Telephone Reception Service for Accounting Practices

A dedicated off-site telephone receptionist means we take your calls while you focus on running your practice.

You know the feeling. You’ve got an important accounting deadline to hit and you don’t want to be disturbed. But you can’t afford to miss those important client calls.  Solution? Switch off your answerphone and switch to MyRuby instead.

We take your calls and give you back your day

If you and your partners are often in client meetings – or need uninterrupted time to complete annual returns or other client work – you will know how disruptive the phone can be. You need to work smarter yet still be contactable. That way, if something urgent arises, such as an unforeseen inspection, you are still available. A MyRuby receptionist will ensure that your important clients are managed appropriately (she has some smart technology to help with this). At the same time she will shield you from those less urgent calls which can be scheduled for another time – and give you back control of your day.

We’ll work the way that works for you

Many clients use us as a complete replacement to an in-house receptionist with a brief to prioritise and screen each call. Where we can help the caller – such as directing a lost new client to your office – we will do. Otherwise, we take a message and send it through automatically to the most suitable partner in your business. We can also manage online diaries or meeting requests. So a client who would like to meet and go through a draft set of accounts can be booked straight in. We can even patch an existing or potential new client through directly if you want us to, just like a traditional receptionist would.

You deal with numbers – and our service adds up

The true beauty of a MyRuby outsourced receptionist service is the flexibility we give you. We can provide all of the functions of an in-house receptionist. But for a fraction of the overhead. And, of course, none of the baggage that comes with finding, hiring and managing an employee.

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    ” I can be more productive without the constant interruptions and my clients get a better service. The service is very cost effective and far more efficient than employing a full time person.” Elizabeth Burden

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