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Telephone Diary Management for Clinics

MyRuby provides telephone answering and diary management services to clinics providing primary and secondary healthcare delivery.

Understanding patient care

A key element of providing patient care is giving patients simple, easy access to your practice. Most patients still prefer to phone in and discuss available appointment times and any other aspects of patient treatment.

The MyRuby service for clinics is designed to ensure your clinicians are fully occupied, DNA’s are kept to a minimum and the patient journey is as simple and efficient as possible.

Our receptionists are trained to work in all major software systems, including;

  • Practice Pal
  • PPS
  • Clinic Office Diary
  • Cliniko
  • My Office
  • Quinec
  • Booking Bug

Implementing the MyRuby service was much easier than we expected and the response from internal staff as well as patients has been very positive. “

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    “Not only is my Ruby able to answer calls from new and existing patients, she can also screen the unnecessary ones, such as sales calls which could potentially take up a lot of my time.” Ipswich Osteopathy

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