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A Telephone Reception and Appointment booking service for Chiropody and Podiatry Clinics

A Telephone Reception and Appointment booking service for Chiropody and Podiatry Clinics

Whether you are trying to build your practice, or your existing team is struggling to cope with your calls why not take a look at a flexible, off site practice receptionist from MyRuby.

Designed to give you and your team maximum patient time, your calls will be answered by a dedicated receptionist who is familiar with patient management. From signing up new patients to diary and appointment management she will support all of your patient call handling needs.

Our service extends beyond diary management – we even liaise with insurers on your behalf and can call patients to reschedule if you have to cancel a clinic for some reason. Take a look at our pricing pages to see a full list of available services.

All of the services of an in-house receptionist which scales with the needs of your business

Your ruby receptionist is trained to use all practice management systems for patient booking and management. Practice PAL, PPS, Quinec or anyone of the systems currently on the market. Or if you are still using a paper system why not let Ruby introduce you to google diary as a simple low cost way of bringing more efficiency to your practice. We can even schedule text based patient reminders to reduce no shows and increase billable hours.

So simple to set-up – some of our clinics have been with us over 7 years

We have built a lot of experience from working with different Chiropody and podiatry clinics. We have seen the different approaches used for patient management and can bring this experience to bear on your business. So whether you are looking for input to create a streamlined, efficient service or you have all your systems and processes mapped out and just want support to deliver them, why not take our free trial now.

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    “Using the information which I have provided her with, Ruby can advise new clients of prices, payment options, appointment lengths and even directions to my clinic! For existing patients, Ruby tries to book them in as soon as she can, offering them my earliest available appointment.” Ipswich Osteopathy

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