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We partner with the best to achieve the most for our clients.

We have a passion for helping organisations create efficiencies through improved business processes. That’s why we’ve established partnerships with various technology providers, consultants and industry bodies. Each partner offers a way of improving efficiencies through system integration or best practice implementation.


Qinec is the provider of secure, high performance practice management software. QinecEnterprise is a ‘cloud based’ solution that streamlines all clinical and administrative needs through a single joined up platform. MyRuby systems integrate with QinecEnterprise, enabling Ruby receptionists to work directly in the Qinec diary to schedule appointments and access information in multiple locations.


PracticePal offers a comprehensive practice management system targeted at a range of clinical professionals. This hosted system can be accessed from any location by smart devices. The diary is easy to use and contains features such as automatic SMS messages that remind patients to attend their appointments. Using this system, Ruby receptionists can create new patient records and manage every aspect of your professional schedule.


PPS (Private Practice Software) offers a patient and practice administration software package. Its features include clinical consultation and treatment management, accounts, reporting and appointments scheduling. MyRuby systems integrate closely with PPS so our receptionists can handle your clinicians’ schedules, manage bookings and access up-to-date patient data to deliver the best in patient care.


Painless Practice
Painless Practice provides training programmes, software systems and support services to complementary health practices. It helps clinics manage their workloads more efficiently and communicate better with patients to achieve tangible benefits.


United Chiropractic Association
United Chiropractic Association The United Chiropractic Association is a body representing chiropractors. Through our partnership with the UCA, we offer members an extended free trial of our telephone answering services to give chiropractors a longer period to see just how helpful a dedicated Ruby receptionist can be.

The Ruby Charter

The Ruby Charter

We deliver a high level of service because all of
our Ruby Receptionists are committed to
the Ruby Charter.
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