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Andrew Perillo


Andy Perillo, Director at MyRuby is a guy with a passion for leveraging technology to fix business problems. A marketing professional with a degree in business, he now helps businesses cut costs and improve efficiencies using outsourced Virtual Receptionist services with unbeatable integrated backend technology. He is a governor at the local secondary school and in his spare time he indulges his passion for the great outdoors and enjoys spending time with his family.


Natalie Perillo

Managing Director

Natalie Perillo is MyRuby’s MD who's passion for nurturing talent in the MyRuby team of Virtual Receptionists ensures consistent delivery of exceptional customer service. Under her ruby red hair lies a razor sharp brain with a First Class degree in Business Studies and an attention to detail that drives all business process development. Natalie’s home life includes two children, a spaniel, a cat and a muddy-booted husband.

Natalie Perillo


Your Personal Assistant

We call our receptionists Rubys – though they all have their own names and you’ll get to know yours very well indeed. Ruby is dedicated to customer service. She answers every call with a smile. She's warm and personable, knowledgeable, quick and an amazing multi-tasker.

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