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At MyRuby, we care as much about your customers as you do

Every day, we provide outsourced telephone receptionist services to companies across the UK.  Our goal is to become the partner of choice for discerning businesses looking for a smarter way to manage their telephone reception.

At our modern head offices in Colchester, Essex, we have a team of Ruby’s who are committed to helping every client make their business run more smoothly.  We call our receptionists Ruby’s. They all have their own names and personalities, but their level of commitment to the Ruby Charter is the same.  Our clients trust us to answer their calls professionally, portraying their brand with care and attention. And each message is taken with the highest level of accuracy.

We do more than just answering telephone calls

Our clients divert their phone calls to us, so they can concentrate on getting their work done. Not only do we answer calls but we help their businesses run more smoothly, getting done work that everyone else in the company has little time for. We get to know our clients, their preferences, frantic schedules and quirky habits. That’s how we are able to make such a big difference.

Setting up your service

The starting point for our service begins with a phone call from your dedicated Ruby. This will be the start of your working relationship with Ruby, and the first thing she will do is give you your unique MyRuby divert number. If you need help with the divert facility on your phone, Ruby can guide you through this.

This first introduction to Ruby will also be the ideal time for you to brief her in more detail about you, your business and how you like to work. Additionally, as you always have the same Ruby working for you, you can give her more information and update her as much as you wish.

The Ruby Charter

The Ruby Charter

We deliver a high level of service because all of
our Ruby Receptionists are committed to
the Ruby Charter.
Read the Charter




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