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Jonathan Shaw is a skilled and experienced Osteopath who set up a new private practice in Ipswich. With a new practice to run and patients to see, Jonathan’s schedule soon became very demanding. Using an answer machine to take messages, but with no one to return the calls immediately, Jonathan soon realised he needed an alternative solution. He explains why he decided to use MyRuby and how it is having a huge, positive impact on his business.

“When I am not treating clients, I have several calls and messages to return, and appointments to book into the diary. In some cases by the time I had managed to call a new client back, they had already found an alternative osteopath to visit. I knew I needed a hand, so after some research into virtual PA and receptionists I came across MyRuby. Patient care is a specialist area and I really wanted a partner who understood how to run a busy practice. I had never used this type of service before and to experience what a difference it could make, I was offered one week’s free trial to help me decide if this was the service for me. The trial gave me a chance to see exactly what it would be like to have the support of MyRuby they proved to be a very valuable member of the team.”

Since discovering MyRuby, Jonathan has noticed that he now has more time in between clients to handle other business.

“Not only is my Ruby able to answer calls from new and existing patients, she can also screen the unnecessary ones, such as sales calls which could potentially take up a lot of my time.

“If I do need to get in touch with a client, but I am unable to call them immediately, I can send a quick email to Ruby and she will contact them on my behalf.”

Using the information which I have provided her with, Ruby can advise new clients of prices, payment options, appointment lengths and even directions to my clinic!

To start with, MyRuby helped me to set up a free online Google diary so we could both access my diary. MyRuby also applied a new feature on the Google diary for me to set automated text message appointment reminders for my patients using a state of the art technology provider. This dramatically cut down on the number of missed appointments and lost revenue.

Having an online diary meant that whenever I was with a patient, Ruby could book and reschedule appointments into my available slots. For existing patients, Ruby tries to book them in as soon as she can, offering them my soonest available appointment. Ruby also sends me text messages for every appointment so I am always up to date with my schedule.

As my practice grew, I felt I needed a more comprehensive practice management and diary system. After researching the market in 2013, I moved to Practice Pal in April 2013, one of the diary management systems which MyRuby supports. This means that Ruby can now create new patient records as well as manage every aspect of my appointments.

The most essential thing for is that my calls are always answered, and I never have to worry about my clients waiting for me to call them back. In fact, Ruby acts so much like an extension of my business that my patients often expect to see her when they come in for their appointment!”

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Client Overview

  • Sole Practitioner
  • MyRuby helped the clinic start using Google diary
  • Now the clinic uses Practice Pal
Services Provided by MyRuby Include:
  • Call answering
  • Call Screening
  • Diary Management
  • Text message updates
  • Creating New patient records

"Ruby acts so much like an extension of my business that clients expect to see her when they come in for their appointment."

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