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This busy London law practice lost its receptionist for the second time in three months.

Faced with the choice of another round of recruitment they decided to take up the offer of a Free Trial of the MyRuby Outsourced Reception service. They were already outsourcing their dictation to another company and had begun to look at other ways of smarter working for their firm.

The partners key concern was around the way caller data of such a sensitive nature would be managed. Arguably the solution to outsource to MyRuby gave them a far more secure solution than their existing approach. They would often need to hire temporary reception staff to cover sickness and holidays potentially exposing all of the companies sensitive callers and data to an unknown source and in addition most calls taken by a traditional reception are within earshot of visitors to the office which means a highly insecure environment.

MyRuby provided evidence of their data protection policies and their intelligent, secure system for transferring calls to their client companies. After a successful trial they went ahead with the service and now does not need to concern themselves with the management of the front of house function.

Callers are screened appropriately and then patched through to the correct legal department. Details of the callers are logged and there is a complete audit trail available to the firm.

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Client Overview

  • Lost second new receptionist in 3 months
  • Client confidentiality key issue
  • Recognise VIP callers
  • Understand legal vocabulary

"Client confidentiality is key to our business”

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