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As busy computer experts, the team at Venture Computing are often out on site visiting the offices of their clients and have seen a marked increase in efficiency since taking MyRuby on board.

Graham Smithyes, director of Venture Computing explains: ‘Our Ruby, actually called Cheryl, handles calls for all our phone lines we have directed through to MyRuby. We were really pleased with the speed and ease with which they picked up the essence of our business and the professional service MyRuby provides. Depending on the urgency, Cheryl is able to judge whether or not the call needs to be transferred to a mobile, or whether we receive an instant notification email.”

“We had been debating whether or not to take on a PA, but due to the dual offering from MyRuby – both the call handling and virtual PA service – it made perfect sense to outsource this. Following our Free Week Trial it was an easy decision to go ahead with the service.”

Venture have separate lines for support calls and new enquiries. MyRuby is able to prioritise the urgency of the call based on business impact and enter support tickets directly into their system to be actioned by the engineers. Separating the logging of the call from the actual resolution allows them to make sure work is prioritised properly, they meet any client SLA’s in place and makes for a far more efficient and organised approach.

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Client Overview

  • Busy IT consultancy
  • Calls automatically divert after 3 rings or if client lines are engaged
  • Variety of calls from customer support to new business
  • Calls ‘patched’ through to appropriate consultant

“We were really pleased with the speed and ease with which they picked up the essence of our business.”

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