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As the distribution of financial products becomes less fragmented, we have positioned ourselves within the IFA marketplace as a professional firm along the lines of traditional accountancy and legal practices. Our target market is small to medium sized corporates, professional individuals, the self-employed and business owners.

“Following our impressive free trial of the Ruby service we didn’t hesitate to sign up.”

As Sigma operates as an umbrella brand for seven other advisory firms and due to the fact that we have a small team, we have chosen to outsource our telephone communications to MyRuby when we are unable to answer the phone. We can often have up to four telephone calls coming through simultaneously and to have the peace of mind that they will all be handled quickly and professionally improves our client service.

Our Ruby, handles calls for all seven phone lines we have directed through to MyRuby. We were really pleased with the speed and ease with which she picked up the understanding and essence of our businesses and with the professional service MyRuby provides. Depending on the urgency of the call, Ruby is able to judge whether or not the call needs to be transferred to a mobile, or whether we receive an instant message via email.

Following our impressive free week trial of the MyRuby service, we did not hesitate to sign up to the service. We had been debating whether or not to take on a PA, but due to the dual offering from MyRuby – both the call handling and virtual PA service – we have decided to outsource this too at present.

All six of our joint ventures are aware of the fact that our Ruby is based externally to us and enjoy testing her sometimes with mystery calls – she always passes!

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Client Overview

  • Seven joint venture businesses
  • Dedicated lines for each company with a different greeting
  • Screening callers to identify existing clients
  • Understanding the sector and requirements of callers

“Sigma Asset Management is committed to providing high quality independent financial advice to the clients of accountants and solicitors.”

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