How to work smarter – No left turns

Posted on 27th October 2014 by Andrew Perillo

Sometimes the simplest solution can have a big impact on your business.I was discussing the issue with my brother Fran the other day when he mentioned the UPS story. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it goes like this.

Some years ago UPS (sometimes people say it was Fedex but I believe UPS did it first!) were facing pressures to cut their costs. Nothing new there I hear you say. They also were committed to reducing their environmental impact. They managed to put the two ideas together and optimised their delivery routes to avoid left turns. Now, don’t get me wrong they make left turns, but only about 10%. The other 90% is right turns and straight on’s with I guess a few ‘U’ turns thrown in for good measure.

Why should that make a difference? Well a left turn in the USA means waiting at lights – which means longer delivery journeys and wasted fuel. Like all great initiatives they decided to try a pilot first and a sceptical driver – Christopher Broder – a driver for 25 years, agreed to give it a go.

Well, the rest as they say is history. A legend was born, UPS has saved millions of dollars in fuel savings and reinforced there green credentials at the same time. A simple, creative solution to big problem. Now to find the left turns in your business.