What People Think of the MyRuby Telephone Answering Service

Posted on 28th April 2016 by Natalie Perillo

The results of the MyRuby Customer Survey 2016 are in. At MyRuby, customer satisfaction has always been top of our list of priorities. We want every one of our customers using our telephone answering service to be happy, trusting the service that we deliver is professional, accurate and representing their brand in the best light.

We’re irrepressible improvers. So it’s only natural that we’re taking steps to understand how customers feel about our telephone answering service, what we’re doing well, and where we could make improvements. Since we launched the survey, we’ve been excited, anxiously awaiting the results, to find out how our service stacks up and how well we performed for our clients.

Scoring our customer satisfaction with NPS

Our customer survey covers a wide range of areas, including:

  • Which services matter most to our customers
  • What people look for in telephone reception services
  • What people like most about our service

To understand how we’re improving year-on-year and how we compare against other companies, we’ve been using the Net Promoter Score metric, or NPS. It’s a metric that’s widely used in marketing departments of all sizes, based on the idea that every customer is either a promoter, passive, or detractor. By subtracting the percentage that are detractors from the percentage who are promoters, you get a clear indicator of your overall performance.

NPS image My Ruby




Each time we conduct the survey, we expect our NPS to grow – and, ideally, we’d like to see an NPS above the averages expected in most industries.

Download the MyRuby Customer Survey 2016

We’re keen for you to see the results of our customer survey. If you’d like to find out more, you can download the complete report to find out about what our customers really think of our telephone answering services.