Get the telephone answering and diary management service that is trusted by clinics across the UK. We answer their calls with great accuracy and professionalism. We’ll take care of your patients with our personalised, friendly service – on every call.

The cost of our service increases the more ‘high’ touch our service becomes or the more calls and activities we carry out on your behalf. Discover what a difference a Ruby can make to your clinic. Get Started today with our free trial.


Clinic Lite
£59 / month
For Sole Practitioners
FREE Set-up
Plus £1.30 each call
One Clinic
One Practitioner
Google/PPS/PracticePal Diary Management
New Patient Appointments
Follow Up Appointments
Appointment Rescheduling
Appointment Cancellations
Appointment Reminders
Referral Management
Updating Clinic Information
Reception Query Management
Clinic Medium
£59 / month
For Small Clinics using a Diary Management System
FREE Set-up
Plus £0.75 For each chargeable minute
Get All Clinic Lite services PLUS
Up to Three Clinic Locations
Up to Three Practitioners
Other Diary Management Systems
New Patient Records
Update Patient Records
Relaying Appointment History
Updating Contact Information
Actioning Out of Hours Voicemails
Outbound Patient Call Backs
Waiting List Management
Clinic Rescheduling
Clinic High
£99 / month
For Larger Clinics using a Complex Clinical Software System
£99 Set-up Fee
Plus £0.75 For each chargeable minute
Get all Clinic Medium Services PLUS
Unlimited Clinic Locations
Unlimited Practitioners
Any Clinical System


Frequently Asked Questions about our pricing

What is a chargeable call?

A call that results in an action of some sort – usually a message to you. We don’t charge for sales calls as long as they don’t make up more than 25% of the total number of calls you receive.

Is there a set- up fee?

We only charge a one-off set-up fee for larger clinics with a complex diary system.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

No. All we ask when using our service for the 10 day Free Trial is to verify your identity by giving us your clinic details. At the end of the trial, or whenever you decide to sign up to the MyRuby service, we will ask you to complete a direct debit mandate, so payment can be made automatically each month.

How long are your contracts?

We have a rolling 1 month contract.

What if my call volumes are lower in a particular month?

Your billing will automatically rise and fall with your call volumes so if you have a quiet month your bill will fall accordingly.

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